Cumulonimbus Cloud Club

Artists of the world connect with our young artists at The Painted Cloud

The Cumulonimbus Cloud Club is the ever-growing list of professional artists that meet and interact with our young artists - either by coming to visit The Painted Cloud studio or by hosting a studio visit at their own studios during The Painted Cloud Art Treks. Every visit is unique, inspiring, and fun. During the semester, our young artists create projects relating to the work by visiting artists - and also create postcards to send as thank yous! 

Our Goal : To meet and have dialogue with artists in many fields and from a range of cultural backgrounds in order to better understand how we relate to, engage with, and express ourselves with one another. 

Ana Kraš

Ana Kraš, Serbian sculptor and photographer based in New York, hosted us at her studio to view her work and talk about form, design, and perspective. The Painted Cloud young artists created works inspired by our visit with Ana.

Alejandro Aguilera

Alejandro Aguilera, Cuban painter and sculptor based in Atlanta, visited The Painted Cloud studio to draw and talk about making large-scale work. Alejandro wowed our young artists (and the teaching artists!) by drawing beautiful graphite portraits in the studio! 

Miguel Antonio Otero Fuentes

Miguel Antonio Otero Fuentes, New York-based Puerto Rican sculptor, hosted us at his studio to share his work and answer questions. Miguel generously helped our young artists make their own concrete sculptures, including mixing concrete and making molds! 


Michelle Ishikawa of Okimoto, New York-based botanical studio, visited The Painted Cloud studio to talk about flowers, arrangement, and composition. Our young artists imitated the flowers in Michelle's compositions by becoming 'human flower tableaus' and created collages with Michelle that included real flowers.

Jen Stark

Jen Stark, LA-based sculptor and painter, visited via Facetime to give insight on her use of color and line and to answer a multitude of questions from our young artists. She motivated the young artists by sharing how many sketches she creates (and how very few of these make the cut for a fully realized piece). 

Justine Hill

Justine Hill, Brooklyn-based painter and sculptor, gave us a private tour of her show at Victor+MO gallery in Bushwick, and was joined by gallerist Celine Mo. On an additional date, Justine generously hosted us again at her studio, giving our young artists a well-rounded view of what work in-progress looks like versus how finished work looks in a gallery. Our young artists created pieces inspired by Justine and really enjoyed created depth with 2-d.

Isaiah Gulino

Isaiah Gulino, New York-based painter and mixed-media artist, visited The Painted Cloud studio to draw and talk about painting realistic scenes with a personal spin. Our young artists found it inspiring to hear how long it takes Isaiah to finish one piece! 

Yen-Yen Chou

Yen-Yen Chou, Taiwanese-American painter, visited The Painted Cloud studio to talk about  her approach with color and creating playful art. Our young artists created their own sculptural pieces inspired by Yen-Yen - some incorporating a dessert theme too (just like Yen-Yen)!

Gary Upay'aq Beaver

Gary Upay-aq Beaver, Native Alaskan dancer, singer and drummer based in Kasigluk, Alaska, visited The Painted Cloud studio to sing and dance with our morning youngest artists. Gary taught our young artists how to say 'Quyana', which is 'thank you' in Yu'pik. Our young artists memorized the tune (not the words!) of Gary's song and continue to dance like Gary.