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For ages 2.5 and under, see below for our Drop-In offerings (restarting on September 9)

Semester 1 :: September 10th - February 1st

Closures : 9/10, 9/11, 9/19, 10/8, 11/6, 11/12, 11/22, 11/23, 12/24, 12/25, 12/26, 12/27, 12/28, 12/31, 1/1, 1/21

Drop-In (4 and under)

10am - 11am

$20 per // $85 for 5 // $160 for 10

10% sibling discount

This hour long drop-in session is a casual and communal experience where young artists and their parent/caregiver can work together in a directed environment. Young artists and their parent/caregiver explore and develop basic art skills such as painting, collage, and printmaking. Projects include investigating a breadth of materials including polymer clay and beading.

Adults enjoy engaging in the studio too! On warmer days the back patio is often open for bubbles, chalk, and large collaborative painting exploration.

In the studio, young artists move between three art stations at their own pace. Building toys, books, puppets, and puzzles are also available. Our inviting studio is a great place for your young artists to get messy, have fun, and meet new friends!

***Feel free to drop-in without advance booking or payment! We'd love for you to come by!

Morning session (2.5-4yrs)

9am - 12pm

Mon - 15 sessions // Wed - 19 sessions // Fri - 19 sessions

$60 per session // 10% sibling & multiple day discount

In this intimate studio setting, young artists work closely with teaching artists on a wide range of art techniques and materials while socializing and building a positive first-time community studio experience. A unique alternative to daycares and playgroups — this three-hour art session focuses on strengthening each child’s intrinsic connection to the visual and social world. Young artists first learn The Painted Cloud morning routine, and upon having it down, their self-motivated exploration expands exponentially. Our teaching artists specially curate art projects for this age group emphasizing on engaging sensory awareness and practicing fine motor skills as well as building vocabulary in art and socialization. Our studio habits include songs, movement, snack, and stories. Choice time is also an important component of our schedule. Young artists are given independent time to think, imagine, and develop personal interests alongside their peers. Teaching artists kindly guide young artists through dialogue with their peers and answering the open-ended question, ‘What do you notice?’. In art-making, teaching artists provide stimulating options and support to young artists’ explorations through a process and inquiry-based approach.

Through painting, sculpture, printmaking, collage, textiles, and more, young artists take their first steps in a lifelong love for the arts while building strong communication skills and relationships.

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Pre K - 2nd grade

Semester 1 :: SEptember 10th - february 1st

***pick-up available from brooklyn arbor, PS 84 and PS 132***

3:00pm - 5:30pm

Tuesday-17 sessions // Thursdays-19 sessions // Camps for school closures - 9/10, 9/11, 9/19, 10/8, 11/6, 11/12, 1/21

$60 per session (price includes pickup and snack) // 10% sibling discount 10% sibling & multiple day discount

~ Visiting artists, large-scale collaborative works, independent material exploration and more. ~   

This session series, developed for lower elementary, encourages a small supportive group dynamic as the young artists are introduced to new techniques, materials, vocabulary, and concepts both in art and in conversation. A variety of artists and genres of art are discussed. Each session consists of one art project as well as snack and choice time. Over the course of the semester, teaching artists present opportunities for young artists to work collaboratively, independently, on small/detailed work, on large/messy works, two-dimensionally, three-dimensionally, and more.

During the semester, young artists meet/connect with one additional artist invited by our teaching artists. This artist usually comes to visit The Painted Cloud studio and young artists create one piece each inspired by this visiting artist’s visit. The day of the visiting artist is always an exciting one and also readies our young artists for the future opportunities of visiting artists in their studios! (2nd grade and up).



Also, young artists are introduced to beginning critique methods and practice ‘dialogue time’ - a short, intentional time in the studio when teaching artists guide young artists in noticing the productivity of talking and the productivity of listening. Most of all, young artists have a lot of fun!

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2nd - 5th grade

Semester 1 :: SEptember 10th - february 1st


3:00pm - 6:00pm

Monday - 15 sessions // Fridays - 19 sessions

Camps for school closures - 9/10, 9/11, 9/19, 10/8, 11/6, 11/12, 1/21

$70 per session (price includes pickup and snack) //10% sibling & multiple day discount

~ Artist studio visits, in-depth projects, fun experimentation with materials  and more. ~

In this advanced session series for upper elementary, young artists go on ‘Art Trek’ field trips to galleries, artist studios, and/or museums throughout the semester. On studio days at The Painted Cloud, projects often take inspiration from the artworks seen and discussed on the Art Treks.

During the semester, young artists meet/connect with one additional artist invited by our teaching artists. Our young artists go to the artist’s studio or see a show in our city featuring this artist (or both!). Young artists create their own concepts & long-term projects inspired by this visiting artist.

In this intimate group format, teaching artists give individualized assistance throughout the life of each project and arts investigation. Instruction in tool skills, techniques, and project-planning strategies is a priority, while experimentation with materials is encouraged. Young artists receive guidance with how to incorporate unexpected results into their artworks and troubleshoot obstacles that arise in their processes. 

This guidance works hand-in-hand with continued practice of dialogue time - a short intentional time in the studio when teaching artists guide young artists in noticing the productivity of talking and the productivity of listening.

Young artists truly grow in independence in this session series. They find freedom in having conversation with no hand-raising, independence in being able to get out materials they would like to use in the studio, and happiness in recognizing their own intuitive abilities in art-making and in relationship.

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middle school



3:00pm - 6:00pm

Wednesday - 19 sessions

Camps for school closures - 9/10, 9/11, 9/19, 10/8, 11/6, 11/12, 1/21

$70 per session (price includes pickup and snack) //10% sibling & multiple day discount

Maturing artists create work they did not previously realize they are capable of making....Realistic portraits! High-grade sculptures! Large-scale painting! Book binding!.....and gain lifelong skills in arts and creative-thinking. 

With an emphasis on honing specific skills, this session series allows middle school artists to move from pure experimentation into a position of controlling their materials. This process includes actively building a communal vocabulary spanning technical art terms (such as the elements of art), outlining and utilizing constructive critique methods, and requiring open-minded dialogue. 

During this session series middle school artists will also trek into the city to galleries, artist studios, and/or museums throughout the semester. In addition to being instructed by professional teaching artists, a visiting artist interacts with the middle school group with a studio visit to their studio and to ours. Middle schoolers design independent long-term projects based off of the visiting artist's practice as an extension into our arts community of NYC. 


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High school


Tailored to teenage artists, this session series pushes maturing artists in technical skill while prioritizing their interests as the subject matter. Teaching artists guide teen artists in considering subject matter that interests them personally - as independent young people in their community - and lead teen artists in researching topics, choosing media to portray this in their work, and executing their projects with archival materials.

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More about our sessions for young and maturing artists

Established in 2008, The Painted Cloud offers the Williamsburg community an invigorating environment for young and maturing artists to learn, grow, and develop their desire to experiment with materials while expanding their skill-sets and broadening their perspectives. Our amazing team of dedicated teaching artists are devoted to working and collaborating with young and maturing artists in early childhood, elementary, middle, and high school.

Process and dialogue are at the heart of our activities and experimentations.

We place an emphasis on process to support all forms of creativity, offering a space for artists of every age to foster free-thinking, to engage in conversation, and to build self-confidence. Teaching artists map projects for young and maturing artists to work both independently and collaboratively over the course of the session series. Engaging in independent work allows young and maturing artists to develop foundational tools and harness their intuitive decision-making abilities. Participating in collaborative work prompts young and maturing artists in finding their individual roles within their The Painted Cloud community, linking to their pursuits of finding their roles in their greater communities beyond the studio.

We guide young and maturing artists in consciously understanding the act of dialogue, increasing their abilities to maintain a healthy exchange about one another’s work and share opinions on topics large and small. Young and maturing artists at The Painted Cloud develop informed questions and opinions in a breadth of areas including technical art terms (color, line, shape, rhythm, etc), applications of materials, the reasons behind making art (fun, serious, etc), and more. We foster responsible experimentation, where the experimentation generates a foundational understanding of materials and concepts and is used as a jumping off point to learn and develop in a more directed and specific way.

As artists, teaching artists, and community members, we are here to share in the creative, intellectual, and emotional growth of our young and maturing artists. At every stage of development we encourage artists of every age in the studio to imagine, practice skills, feel confident in their abilities, troubleshoot obstacles, and see projects through to the end. Additionally, we support the important role of choice time in both a studio practice and in education - all sessions include time for everyone to socialize and engage in activities of their choice. At the end of each session, the young and mature artists to present their works and share insights about their experiences. We hold our art studio as a safe environment for expression and thought. We are committed to inspiring and sparking the imaginations of kids through art.

By infusing our studio time with art experimentation and community awareness, young and maturing artists in our programs are eager to work together and encourage one another because they establish self-pride in being an artist while also establishing their roles in the studio and as members of The Painted Cloud community. Responsibly becoming stewards of the space leads to greatness and creativity, young and maturing artists at The Painted Cloud hone skills toward achieving long-term artistic involvement, as well as skills essential to autonomy, personal success, and well-being.

The Painted Cloud Teaching Artists

The teaching artists at The Painted Cloud are working artists that are professionals in their mediums. Supported by studio assistants and by The Painted Cloud in community-driven project mapping, all teaching artists bring to The Painted Cloud studio individualized knowledge and skill-sets, which includes the skill of experimenting without an intended outcome. Each teaching artist at The Painted Cloud understands that the journey to becoming a well-rounded artist (and person!) requires sharing ideas and taking risks with mediums, materials. Much like baking a cake, we have to start with the flour if we are to get to the sprinkles.

 Sarah Conarro - Director

Sarah Conarro - Director

Sarah Conarro is an artist and educator whose work ranges from performance, to installation, to painting and to social practice. Following the artist's Link:Link Philosophy, her practice considers inconsequential exchanges as a prelude for transformative social interactions. Her performances and gatherings function as a catalyst for people from different backgrounds to find commonality in casual conversation.

She is the founder of the community-activated Link:Link Club, and co-director of the micro-residency creative workspace Dreamers Welcome in Brooklyn. The Link-Link Supper Club Lecture Series is an informal lecture series hosted monthly at Dreamers Welcome, as an experiment in treating a private residence as a public forum and community space. Guest lecturers choose a topic outside of their core focus of study, thereby unearthing the fecundity of collaboration across disciplines.

Sarah explores the interactions and responses to participants in her projects and the community surrounding her projects. In 2014, Conarro received a Community Arts Development Grant from the Alaska State Council on the Arts for designing, managing, and participating in an interdisciplinary project hosting ten New York-based fine artists in rural Alaska, partnering them with Alaska community members. In 2013, Conarro received funding from the the Rasmuson Foundation’s Cultural Collaboration grant for her project design entitled The Alaska Experimental Video Mapping Project (Master Works Series), a project examining perspectives of 350 youths on where they live as they simultaneously created a cohesive large-scale collage and video map. For Brooklyn Bridge Park’s public installation 2015 series, Sarah performed “Come Say Hey”,  a roadside stand advice project, culling words of advice from passers-by. This six week performance run was the third rendition this project. Created to connect community, land, dialogue, collaboration, and artists, this interactive project explores “advice” as a place-based phenomenon with over-arching themes that transcend location.

Within her teaching artistry, Sarah applies the same guiding principles that she applies to her own practice: through focusing on asking questions without assumptions on what any answer will be, the stage will be set for authentic process. She titled the guiding principles The Mind is an Abstract Concept. Since 2004, Sarah has been developing and applying these guiding principles in studios, classrooms and communities nationally and internationally.

 Sabetty Heyaime

Sabetty Heyaime

Sabetty was born in Venezuela in 1984. Ten years later, her family moved to Miami, Florida where she was raised. She holds an MFA with honors in Art from Pratt Institute. While at Pratt, she was the president of the Integrated Practices Collective hosting visiting artists lectures and events. She has a background in Art Education and Printmaking. Her work encompasses video, sculpture, interactive installation and performance. She has exhibited nationwide and just completed a residency in Vermont Studio Center after winning a fellowship to attend. She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.

 Taylor Kennedy

Taylor Kennedy

 Anna Kristensen

Anna Kristensen

Taylor was born in Sodus Point, New York. She holds a BFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology, specializing in non-toxic printmaking. In 2017, Taylor graduated with honors from the Pratt Institute with her Masters of FIne Art, concentrating in printmaking. Taylor's practice includes large-scale narrative drawings, paintings, and installed ephemeral works. She has recently shown at the Boiler I Pierogi Gallery and The Rubelle and Norman Schafler Gallery at the Pratt Institute.

Anna has presented solo exhibitions for over a decade in regional and commercial galleries and artist-run-initiatives in Australia and Berlin as well as participating in group exhibitions in Australia, Italy, Singapore and the US. Solo commercial exhibitions in Australia include The Commercial Gallery, Sydney (2016), Gallery 9, Sydney (2014, 2011, 2008), Kalimanrawlins Gallery, Melbourne (2011). Anna has held international studio residencies at Art OMI, New York, the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, Nebraska, the Australia Council Greene St Studio in New York City, and the AGNSW Denise Hickey studio residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris. She received her Master of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of NSW Art & Design, where she taught as a sessional academic from 2009-2016. Anna now lives and works in Brooklyn, NYC.

 Mika M.

Mika M.

Mika M. is a writer and musician who grew up in Virginia, Ontario, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. She holds bachelor’s degrees in linguistics and film theory. She also taught ESL for several years in a high school in Osaka, Japan. While there, she co-founded and ran the first Osaka Zine Fair (2011). She has been careful to never exhibit her art, record her music, or properly publish her writing -- though this may change.

 Megan Porpeglia

Megan Porpeglia

Megan was born and raised in upstate New York and currently lives and works as an artist, educator, and yoga teacher in Brooklyn. Her experiences frequenting the Adirondack Mountains now, and as a child, inspire and provoke her artistic practice. Megan is a painter with a strong devotion to the practice of observational drawing and mark making. She is currently an Artist in residence at Trestle Projects in Brooklyn. In her spare time, Megan likes to explore the outdoors as a way to reconnect with what grounds her.

 Ashanti Albert

Ashanti Albert

 Jake Szeligowski

Jake Szeligowski

Ashanti is a singer, poet and painter who moved to the United States from Guyana at the age of 6. A poet first, her interest in visual art began when she joined Creative Artworks, an organization specializing in large-scale murals in Harlem NY.  Visual art is a vital component of her trifecta with her music and poetry. Within her own work and teaching artistry, she is driven by the power of art to build confidence and to share one's perspective. 




Jake is a visual artist with works situated between painting, drawing, and design. When not in the studio as a teaching artist, Jake can be found working on large-scale works. His garishly vibrant backdrops are best suited to the debauchery of urban gay nightlife and the ephemerality of instagram culture; stripped of the constraints of classical figure painting they become ethnographic symbols of a pop culture identity.

If you are interested in joining The Painted Cloud's teaching artist team, please fill out the below questionnaire: