The Painted Cloud Teaching Artists

The teaching artists at The Painted Cloud are working artists that are professionals in their mediums.
Supported by studio assistants and by The Painted Cloud in community-driven project mapping, all teaching artists bring to The Painted Cloud studio individualized knowledge and skill-sets, which includes the skill
of experimenting without an intended outcome. Each teaching artist at The Painted Cloud understands that
the journey to becoming a well-rounded artist (and person!) requires sharing ideas and taking risks with mediums, materials. Much like baking a cake, we have to start with the flour if we are to get to the sprinkles.


Sarah Conarro - Director

Sarah is a conceptual artist focusing on interpersonal and social engagement. Sarah creates conceptual collage works in tandem with her Link:Link Philosophy. This philosophy analyzes inconsequential exchanges as preludes for transformative social interactions. Sarah develops performance, social engagement experience, and visual work as a catalyst for people to discover and recognize commonality through casual interaction. The participants in these collage works not only discover new bounds, but they find joy and levity in the process.

Within her teaching artistry, Sarah applies the same guiding principles that she applies to her own practice: through focusing on asking questions without assumptions on what any answer will be, the stage will be set for authentic process. She titled the guiding principles The Mind is an Abstract Concept. Since 2004, Sarah has been developing and applying these guiding principles in studios, classrooms and communities nationally and internationally.


Taylor M Kennedy

Taylor was born in Sodus Point, New York. She holds a BFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology, specializing in non-toxic printmaking. In 2017, Taylor graduated with honors from the Pratt Institute with her Masters of Fine Art, concentrating in printmaking. Taylor's practice includes large-scale narrative drawings, paintings, and installed ephemeral works. She has recently shown at the Boiler I Pierogi Gallery and The Rubelle and Norman Schafler Gallery at the Pratt Institute.


Ashanti Albert

Ashanti is a singer, poet and painter who moved to the United States from Guyana at the age of 6. A poet first, her interest in visual art began when she joined Creative Artworks, an organization specializing in large-scale murals in Harlem NY.  Visual art is a vital component of her trifecta with her music and poetry. Within her own work and teaching artistry, she is driven by the power of art to build confidence and to share one's perspective.

Prof pic Rotman - Katie Rotman.png

Katie Rotman

Katie Rotman, born in Montreal QC, is an artist living based in Ridgewood NY. She studied Studio Art at Oberlin College in Ohio, graduating in 2014, and subsequently completed the Virginia Commonwealth University Summer Studio Program in Sculpture and Extended Media in 2016. Her work has been shown in group shows in Richmond VA, Oberlin OH and Montreal QC. In 2014 she participated in the Complimenta (III) Residency in Ithaca NY and she attended the residency at AZ-West this past September.

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Sara Neary

Sara Neary is an artist and ceramist living and working out of Brooklyn, New York. She graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, majoring in performance art and minoring in ceramics. Sara’s work uses a range whimsical colors and figures to convey emotion and an anxious type of balance.