Past Summer Camps at The Painted Cloud

Drawing //\\ Painting

Our environment can be observed, responded to, and ultimately changed! This camp, young artists will explore a breadth of materials as well as investigate drawing and painting fundamentals. Young artists’ minds will be expanded through tangible and ephemeral art making as they use an array of materials such as wire, string, charcoal, kneaded erasures and more to create drawings and paintings. We will consider how we change our own drawings through material choices and how that can apply to the world at-large.  as young artists create projects including Line: Drawing with wire (Mobile), Contour Shapes and Collage, Tone: Erasure (Charcoal Still life), Transparent colour, and Blind Contour. For inspiration, we will be looking at the works of Richard Tuttle and Kara Walker and how they use fundamental methods of painting and drawing to inquire, test, and explore.

Artist references: Richard Tuttle // Kara Walker

Art Trek Destinations:

The Whitney Museum
Morgan Library & Museum: Wayne Thiebaud, Draftsman
Artist Studio = Miguel Otero Fuentes
New Museum
Domino Sugar Factory

Sculpture //\\ Clay

Building informs us of a resilience we are unaware of possessing. Step into our construction zone where the studio will become home to everything and anything handmade. This camp, young artists will build to their hearts content utilizing a variety of sculpture techniques. Young artists’ imaginations will run wild as they as they explore a variety of relief and in-the-round sculpture methods, using clay and found object. We will discuss the concepts of creating mass and using embellishments to leave our marks on the world, as young artists create projects including Wire Sculptures, Clay Pinch Pots, Clay Slab/Coil/Wedge, and Encaustic Painting (on Sculpture)! For inspiration, we will be looking at the works of Eva Hesse and Carmen Beuchat and how they pioneered approaches to sculpture..

Artist references: Eva Hesse // Carmen Beuchat

Art Trek Destinations:

Thomas Paine Park - Judith Modrak “Our Memories”
MoMA PS1 - Hide & Seek by Dream the Combine
The High Line - Phyllida Barlow “prop”
Artist Studio - Angel Otero

Collage //\\ Photo

Some (but not all) aspects of realities can be altered by the creator of the realities. Defining realities through constructed pictures is part of today's world. This camp, young artists will try their hands at being the subject of the camera, the photographer, and working with pictures they take within camp. Young artists’ knowledge will shift their visual experience in their day-to-day as they learn about the rule of thirds, consider expressions, and play with elements such as negative space. We will consider visual decisions in composition and being the 'composer', as young artists create projects including Color photomontage, Negative Space Sun Prints, Matte and Shiny/Collage in thirds, Thaumatrope, & Photomontage + Scale. For inspiration, we will be looking at the works of Joseph Cornell  and Lorna Simpson and how they re-arrange photographs & collage to create new realities.

Artist references: Joseph Cornell  // Lorna Simpson

Art Trek Destinations:

Bedford/N9th Mural of Basquiat and Warhol by Kobra
David Zwirner Gallery
Aperture Foundation
NYPL Photo Collection
Rubin Museum - The Future Yearlong Exploration

Printmaking //\\ Stencils

Patterns permeate our daily lives, creating an ease in our routines we are unaware of. Printmaking is a tool used by almost everyone; from large corporations to the beauty we see in nature. This camp, young artists will investigate the differing techniques printmaking has to offer. Young artists' minds will be expanded to new possibilities as they explore silkscreen, relief and monotype printmaking. We will hone in on the ideas of duplication and what that means for ourselves and our community at large as young artists create projects including Making Your Own Stencil & Rubbing, Printing Linoleum Cuts , Collaborative Shadow "Stencils" with Overhead Projector, Collagraph/Screenprints & Monoprints, and Human Print. For inspiration, we will be looking at the works of Anna Hasseltine and Sarah Amos.

Artist references:  Anna Hasseltine // Sarah Amos

Art Trek Destinations:

Artist Studio - Angel Otero
International Print Center
Bowery graffiti wall
Richard Tattinger Gallery

Fiber Arts //\\ T-Shirts

By exploring different ways to transform and construct materials, we will consider the fabrics in our everyday and their production . This camp, young artists will be introduced to fibre arts through sewing, weaving and natural dyeing. Young artists’ will have fun soaking, bleaching, staining, binding, threading and bedazzling as they use natural pigments and recycled materials to create unique clothing and art and design pieces. We will explore the idea of transformation through our array of processes as young artists create projects including Denim pillow and Weaving Cotton Twine. For inspiration, we will be looking at the works of Sheila Hicks and Vivienne Westwood: Punk fashion and how they use textiles to create various visual effects .

Artist references: Sheila Hicks // Vivienne Westwood: Punk fashion

Art Trek Destinations:

Garment District
AFA Gallery - “Wonderlust”
AIR Gallery - “Decadent Illusions”
Museum of the American Indian

Puppetry //\\ Performance

Performance, whether consciously or unconsciously, occurs in our daily lives. This camp, young artists will explore a variety of performative outlets through visual and physical art mediums. Young artists' imaginations will run wild as they learn how to make differing puppets, incorporating their personalities and imaginations through explorative individual and collaborative improvisational games. We will consider the themes of projection and unity, as young artists create projects including Backdrop for Puppet Stand (To be added/used rest of Week), Googly Eye Hand Puppets, Masks, Popsicle Stick Figure Puppets, and Paper Finger Puppets . For inspiration, we will be looking at the works of Annalisa Barron and Justin Perkins.

Artist references:  Annalisa Barron // Justin Perkins

Art Trek Destinations:

Grown Up Flowers
Artist Studio - Justin Perkins

Nature //\\ Outdoor

We benefit from nature, what nature brings us, and from what the city brings us - everything interrelates. Man-made and nature - we interact with both everyday. This camp, young artists will explore mixed media with man-made and natural objects. Young artists’ views of connecting man-made and nature-made will increase as they create prints, collages, & sculptures with recycled objects and natural objects (such as leaves, grass, and acorns). We will discuss the ideas of interrelation and uniqueness. as young artists create projects including Arranging with Intention, Leaf Prints Personalities // No Two Alike, Story Collage with Flower Petals, Solar Photo Prints // Everyday Objects & Reaching Everyone (part 2), and Sand Drawing. For inspiration, we will be looking at the works of Naomi Siegmann and Alejandro Aguilera and how they combine the natural world and man-made worlds into their artwork.

Artist references: Naomi Siegmann // Alejandro Aguilera

Art Trek Destinations:

The High Line - “Agora”
Prospect Park - Fitzhugh Karol
MoMA “Snowman” by Peter Fischli and David Weiss
Central Park - Belvedere Castle
Washington Square Park