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Join us this Saturday October 12th for the latest session of Nick DeMarco’s cardboard and papier-mâché workshop.... Crumpled Stuff!

A message from Nick::
Using simple techniques and dirt cheap or reused materials, I will help you build a funky li’l vessel of your own design. Papier-mâché is an often neglected medium, but it’s one of my all-time favorites to work with. Done correctly, it can be durable, expressive, beautiful and very eco-friendly.

All are welcome, regardless of a self-perceived lack of prior experience making things. if you participated in my previous session of Crumpled Stuff you’re welcome too! I’ll try to introduce some new techniques to seasoned mâché veterans.

if you plan on coming please
1) RSVP below
2) bring a medium sized plastic container of some kind. this will be the bones of your vessel, so choose wisely. a seltzer bottle, gallon milk jug, yogurt tub, to-go thing, etc. also plan on leaving with a wet object so bring a plastic bag to hold it. if you have extra brown grocery bags lying around please bring those as well to share with the group!
this is gonna be fun!!

Beginner and Intermediate

Space is limited. RSVP required.

Pay-As-You-Wish (Suggested $10-20)


Nick DeMarco was born in 1986, raised in Seattle Washington and now lives and works in New York City. Nick has been been an Artist since early childhood, cutting his teeth working on community art events, parades and performances organized by his family and friends in Seattle. His work now spans many mediums, from product and furniture design to filmmaking, sculpture, writing, digital image and netart. Though his interests are varied, his body of work contains a consistent thread of critical irreverence—observing the world as it is, pulling from it, and suggesting how it might be different.