An outlet for open-ended and experimental exploration, The Painted Cloud hosts a range of events and workshops including performance, screenings, readings, and visual art. These events and workshops explore a variety of topics and concepts, each holding true to our philosophy of community-minded experimentation in the arts. Our events and workshops series provides an outlet to share something new or experimental. Presenters may explore a new facet of a topic or material new to themselves, or often they collaborate with the group on a process they would like to share with members of our community who are ready not to know the outcome. It is in the not knowing that we find our beginner's mind.


EVENT :: "On the Screen // In Real Life" with VIDEO PROGRAM

14 & up. Saturday February 3rd, 8pm. Pay-what-you-wish ($10 suggested). Space limited / RSVP

This sculptural performance piece is a 30-45 minute non-linear one-person performance rooted in pop-songs and video. The performance embodies the disjointed sensation of the human-condition, the disruption of space-time as accomplished by "time-shifting devices" (i.e. technology, pre-recordings, televisions, song, camera, and live performance), and the disassociation of self that accompanies embracing technology as an extension of human evolution as people and their tools become increasingly codependent.


workshop :: floral ephemera //\\ sculpture & Still life imagery with Okimoto

Saturday February 24th. Space limited /RSVP by Feb. 17th for flower market purposes!

Join Michelle Ishikawa of Okimoto in creating ephemeral floral sculptures to be photographed and taken home! In this time you will learn the varied creative elements that go into the making of a beautiful floral arrangement. Participants create a piece of floral sculpture built to standalone as it evolves and eventually dies in your home. Participants then learn the art of memorializing floral sculpture by creating a still life of their work in a pop-up photo studio. Come join us and bring home a botanical sculpture for yourself or a loved one. A variety of flora will be provided as well as tools, various props from Okimoto's collection, inspiration, and vintage one-of-a-kind vessels. 

Okimoto is a collaborative, often botanical, creative studio based between Upstate NY and NYC.


WOrkshop :: Right Now Mind //\\ cheaper than therapy with sarah conarro

7-9pm Last Tuesday of the month:: Jan 30, Feb 27, Mar 27, Apr 24, May 29. Pay-what-you-wish ($10 suggested). Space limited / RSVP

Sarah Conarro has a reputation for laying out art-making materials (and wine) at informal gatherings, dinners, and parties with family and friends. During one such gathering, a friend said "This is cheaper than therapy!" Inspired, Sarah created the workshop series Right Now Mind //\\ Cheaper Than Therapy. These two hours in the studio are meant for showing up to mindfully relax and work on anything you'd like to work on or simply sit and have conversation. Materials will be out for you to mindlessly try 2-d projects (ie collage, stamping, card-making) or bring your own if you have something of your own you would like to add onto. Past explorations include poetry, sewing, collaging, knitting, drawing, fortune telling, and more. When we are so busy that we do not have time to spend time together and move our hands and talk and drink tea or wine, this is when we need a night of Right Now Mind.


WOrkshop :: knitting for real //\\ not just craft with taylor kennedy

Wednesday March 7th, 7-9pm. Pay-what-you-wish ($10 suggested). Space limited / RSVP by March 1st. *Knitting experience not required*

Following a break up, Taylor taught herself to knit and sob in tandem: an act she humorously describes as "cathartic...and a little pathetic!" Throughout the following years and long after the tears dried, Taylor found herself returning to the act of knitting, gaining solace in the repetitive motions, and engrossing herself in the history of the act and the stories of those involved. Join Taylor to learn the basics of knitting (if you've never knitted before, you will start with a trivet!) and the impact and importance of textiles on both world history and knitting individuals. Techniques covered: knit, purl, cast on, cast off. Knitting History Covered: creation/implementation, women's work, & textiles today. What is provided: needles, yarns, slideshow of amazing knitting history, and Taylor. What you may bring: any needle/yarn you are interested in trying out, wine, and good humor.