The Painted Cloud Visiting Artist
Cumulonimbus Cloud Club Constituents

What is the Cumulonimbus Cloud Club?

We call our visiting artists members of the Cumulonimbus Cloud Club (CCC). The Cumulonimbus Cloud Club is the ever-growing list of amazing artists, curators, etc that engage with our young artists either by hosting a studio visit, hosting a gallery visit of your work, or swinging by our studio to talk with our young artists in person. This club is a great way for you to connect with young artists (aged 2.5-14) in NYC, share what you do, and hear their perspectives on what you do. Here is a link to some instagram posts from previous visiting artists in the club! 

What does constituent-ship actually entail?

First, fill out this form to become a CCC constituent! Being a constituent is straightforward, rewarding, and really fun. Once your form is complete, we schedule a visit with you with one (or more) of our young artist groups. Prior to the visit (either at your studio for older kids or at our studio at 168 Marcy for younger kids), our teaching artists will preview your work with the young artists. The visits, guided by the teaching artist, typically last 45 minutes to an hour. The visits include a discussion about your work, insight into your process, and a brief critique of your work by the young artists. More in-depth connections are also a possibility. Some CCC constituents have curated process-based collaborations with the young artists, some have done additional visits to our studio to see what the young artists are making in response to the CCC connection, etc. While this is not a must, it is always an amazing experience both for the young artists and for the artist we connect with! After meeting, sharing work, receiving critique, and (possibly) collaborating, your connection as a CCC constituent becomes the foundation for our semester-long projects. In other words, the young artists will create work on their own time in response to they learned or gleaned or thought about from you!  

Why become a Cumulonimbus Cloud Club Constituent?

Two reasons:

1. The Painted Cloud studio philosophy is grounded in community-minded experimentation in the arts. All of our sessions and projects start with time dedicated to dialogue, leading us to organic, accessible conversations about our communities and catalyzing us to want to know one another more. By participating in the CCC, you are joining in this invigorating conversation and inspiring the minds of young artists and thinkers. While we know that not all young artists grow up to be working artists, we strive to empower each child with critical tools for engaging with their environments without judgement and with an understanding that through dialogue, we can create a more thoughtful and open-minded community.

2. It’s fun, you get to meet cool young artists, you get to see a teaching artist or two at work, you get to have our work/process/ideas addressed by young artists - both verbally and through projects they make after your interaction, and you get a thank you note.

Is there an honorarium?

  • 45 minute visit sharing work and conversation ($50 honorarium)

  • 60 minute visit to include an activity ($75 honorarium)