January 15 - February 16 - March 30 - May 28 - June 7 - June 11 - June 15

9am - 3pm = $100 / 9am - 5:30pm = $140

10% sibling discount

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Lower Elementary

Art Camp

We run lower elementary art workshops at The Painted Cloud. Young artists will work on art projects, along with drawing, choice time, snack, lunch, and outdoor play at the Rodney Street Playground (2 blocks from The Painted Cloud).

Upper Elementary

Art Treks

Our upper elementary group meets at The Painted Cloud before adventuring into the city on an Art Trek. Young artists will take public transportation to a museum, gallery, or artist's studio to observe, discuss, and create based on the theme of the workshop. Young artists should plan for being outdoors, taking the train or bus, snack and lunch. 


day camps all week

Winter & Spring break

we offer two camps for Winter Break (February 19-24) and Spring Break (April 2-6)

9am-3pm = $550 for 6 days // $100 per day

9am-5:30pm = $40 additional per day

10% sibling discount

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Summer Camps

WE OFFER CAMPS FOR each week of summer break

9am-3pm = $500 full week OR $110 per day

9am-5:30pm = $40 additional per day

10% sibling discount


Each week, the young artists in 3rd - 5th grade head out on an Art Trek while the young artists in PreK - 3rd grade take over the studio!  When the older crew returns, everyone creates new work in the studio and the private back porch!!!!!! Every camp our artists choose a theme to design projects, map materials, and curate inquiries for dialogue time! Themes integrate art history, current events, and FUN. Young artists attending camp should plan to make new friends, get messy in the studio, and explore information that is inspiring and interesting. Ask questions if you've got them!! 

July 9-13 - Drawing //\\ Painting
July 16-20 - Sculpture //\\ Clay
July 23-27 - Collage //\\ Photo
July 30-August 3 - Printmaking //\\ Stencils

August 6-10 - Fiber Arts //\\ T-Shirts
August 13-17 - Puppetry //\\ Performance
August 20-24 - Installation //\\ Site-Specific
August 27-31 - Nature //\\ Outdoor Observations

JULY & AUgust 2018

Lower Elementary

Studio Take Over

Upper Elementary

Art Trek