Morning Sessions

with Stay Small Art Club!

18months - 4y.o.
TUE Drop-In
with caregiver
9:30 am - 10:30 am

$20 per session

***Starts September 17th
***There will be NO drop in sessions on the following dates :: Sept 10, Oct 1, Nov 5, Nov 12, Dec 24, Dec 31

Join Stay Small Art Club (@staysmallartclub) in the studio for an hour of young artist+caregiver art experience! 

StaySmallArtClub Tots Art is interactive art class that introduces your toddler to a world of creativity. Your little artists will explore a wide variety of art materials such as paint, paper, collage, and crafts. Tots Art will develop skills important for school success such as fine motor, language, cognitive and the ability to listen and follow directions all while making beautiful messes and masterpieces to hang on the fridge! This “caretaker and me” class mixes Songs, Stories and ART. Our crafts are great for most ages but perfect for 18mo-4yr olds.

FEEL FREE TO DROP-IN WITHOUT ADVANCE BOOKING OR PAYMENT! WE'D LOVE FOR YOU TO COME BY! *(closures listed below) *please note: There is a blue door with a short outdoor stairwell. Strollers are welcome, but recommended to leave at home if possible!

September 30 // October 1, 9, 14 // November 5, 11, 28 & 29
December 24-31 // January 1 & 20 // February 17-21
April 9-17 // May 25 // June 4, 9